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Cocktail Glasses by Kickie Chudikova

This colorful trio of cocktails glasses is inspired by the architectural icons of the Manhattan skyline.

The majestic presence of skyscrapers, each proudly shining on the horizon. 

The unique design of each of the pieces is reminiscent of joyful and lavish lifestyle of the the early 20th century when New York’s nightlife and cocktail culture found its forbidden but exciting peak during the prohibition.

The confident array of bold primal shapes are underlined by vivid color combinations and together form a striking assembly. The edgy inner structure of the stems refracts light and appear timeless.

This collection consist of thee entirely different designs - each with a specific cocktail in mind.

“The Martini” (Green / Crystal)

“The Margarita” (Pink / Blue)

“The Old Fashioned” (Black / Gray)

Hand crafted out of Crystal Glass in Czech Republic in a limited edition. 

Designed for an everyday ritual and a well-deserved pause for the busy NewYorker lifestyle.

SAMPLE version is 50% off of original price. Might include a small imperfection, yet still beautiful on your table.